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What do you get?

  • €50,000 - €250,000 EU funding without giving up equity
  • Workshops & mentoring activities developing business skills
  • Networks to venture capital communities and business contacts
  • FIWARE technology for faster and cheaper web development
  • Coaching and technological support from our experts

What are the conditions for participation?

  • You are a SME or a start-up, you are ready to start your own business
  • You’re legally based and working in UE Member State of FP7 associated country
  • You communicate with us in English
  • You use one of FIWARE technology in your project
  • You apply via online application form

How to apply for the grant?

  • Fill in online application form on EP website
  • Pitch your business idea in Berlin
  • Sign a Sub-Grantee Funding Agreement
  • Start 8-month acceleration programme

About EuropeanPioneers

EuropeanPioneers is acceleration programme for SMEs and start-ups, which want to get a non-returnable grant for developing their business ideas. Except EU funding, the programme provides participants with free access to FIWARE technologies, as well as coaching and mentoring in cutting‐edge business methodologies. Total of €4,56 mil EU funding will be given to 25 start-ups and SMEs in Europe.

EuropeanPioneers programme is led by the international consortium based in Berlin. It was funded by experts for state-of-the-art technologies: etventure - the consortium leader, startup-builder from Berlin, Weblify - IT company based in Warsaw, specialist for web and mobile applications design and development, Fraunhofer - application-oriented research organization based in Berlin, expert for the FIWARE, Thoughtbox - eductional services developer from Dublin and F-Secure - an anti-virus, cloud content and computer security company based in Helsinki.

What are the conditions for participation?

Before you apply for the programme, make sure, that you meet all the conditions for participation.

  • Grants can be given to SMEs and start-ups. If you don't have your own business yet, no problem. You can start it for the need of the programme (Notice! you can do that as soon as you are selected for EP).
  • Your company should be legally based and working in UE Member State of FP7 associated country (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Faroe Islands, FYR Macedonia, Iceland, Israel, Liechtenstein, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland and Turkey).
  • You need to commit to implementing at least one of the FIWARE generic or specific enabler in your project. We will take care of tech coaching with the goal to support you in adopting these state-of-the-art technologies. Learn more about FIWARE here.
  • Your business idea has to qualify for one of our target areas:
    • Social Connected TV - multi‐screen interaction, personalised TV, user tracking and privacy
    • Smarty City Services - contextualisation, live information, live sharing & communication
    • Pervasive Gaming - augmented reality, blending real and virtual worlds, toys, installations and citywide games
    • E-learning - new technologies and approaches to advance innovative learning methodologies and platforms

    Learn more about Focus Areas here.

  • You can apply for the project during EuropeanPioneers Open Call, which starts on May 1st 2015 (deadline: June 22nd 2015). You have to fill in the online application form on EP website. Remember, official language for EuropeanPioneers Open Call is English. Submissions made in any other language will not be considered.
  • If you need more information on EuropeanPioneers participation conditions, download our Applicants Guide here.

FIWARE technologies were developed under the EU FP7 Future Internet-Public Private Partnership (FI‐PPP) funded by the European Commission. EuropeanPioneers is one of the 16 Accelerator projects that aim to promote the FI-PPP results and more precisely the adoption and utilisation of FIWARE by SMEs and start-ups. For news about FIWARE visit

Generic Enablers

FI-WARE is an innovative, open cloud-based infrastructure for cost-effective creation and delivery of applications and services.

Specific Enablers

FI-CONTENT is a set of APIs within FIWARE, which provides software blocks to SMEs and developers, so they can create applications and services in the area of media content.

How to apply for the grant?

The next EuropeanPioneers Open Call starts on May 1st 2015. If you want to apply for the grant, you need to present us your business idea.

Stage 1: Online application

First you need to fill in application form on EuropeanPioneers website. It's really simple. You have to answer some questions about your project.

You start from describing your business idea. It's important to choose FIWARE technology you're going to implement in your project. Then you analize your business weaknesses and strenghts, characterize market sector you want to adress, your competitors and potential customers. You also provide us with your project’s budget and its important milestones. Second part is short description of your team. You can add attachments, e.g. your company presentation, video and other materials. Don’t forget to print, sign and send us two documents (“Declaration of honour”), you’ll find in the end of the form.

Deadline for applying for the EuropeanPioneers programme is June 22nd 2015.

To learn more on how to prepare your business proposal and fill in the application form, click here.

Stage 2: Pitch Days

If your project passes the evaluation process, we will invite you to our consortium headquartes in Berlin. You will have 15 minutes to pitch your business idea in front of our board of experts, including founder and CEO of etventure (consortium leader), representatives from VC environment and media, as well as FIWARE evaluator. You project will be evaluated taking into consideration business and technological criteria.

Stage 3: Final selection

In second EuropeanPioneers Open Call we will give funding to 13 digital enterprises. If we will choose you project, we will invite you to Berlin. You will sign a Sub-Grantee Funding Agreement and take part in workshops during EuropeanPioneers Welcoming Days. For the next 8 months you will be developing your business idea and turning it into working product. Our experts will support you by conducting review workshops where you work, to discuss and analyse your progress on both technical and financial levels. Moreover, you will be given important business advices from our mentors, and what’s most important, you receive EU funding you won’t have to pay back.

What are the project evaluation criteria?

Our experts will evaluate your business proposal according to selection criteria. Please, keep them in mind while filling in the application form and preparing the presentation of your idea.

Innovation: innovative capacity of the proposed product or service (e.g. new to the market or new combination of existing production factors
etc.) as well as a high market potential.

Creativity: ability to develop creative software applications enriching the media business landscape and improving media usage for end-customers as well as media suppliers.

Scalability: scalability of the product as well as the international scalability of the business as a whole.

Use of FIWARE technology: ability to utilise the FIWARE technology and adoption of the products of the FI-PPP programme. Specific criterion: how will the FIWARE technology be used within the project?

Technological Excellence: quality of the proposed solution on a technological level and the project's ability to implement the proposed application. Specific criteria are: solution innovation; creativity.

Management Expertise: quality of the project plan and budget.

Market Readiness: ability of the proposed project to develop a minimum viable product during the 8-month-programme utilizing the funding provided. Reach the level of being able to successfully raise further funding from other sources. Specific criterion: definition of the solution as a whole product, anticipated market demand; competitive advantage; scalability and growth potential; justification of the requested resources, understanding of the potential market, makeup and technical experience of the leading team

What do you get?

EU funding

We distribute funding provided by the EU. It’s public money, so you don’t have to give away equity in your business in order to benefit. The total grant ranges from €50,000 to €250,000 per project (depending on your business model, your current status and your financial needs). You will use this money to finance your work during 8-month acceleration programme.

Coaching & Mentoring

We will help you develop cutting-edge business skills via face-to-face workshops, online webinars & mentoring activities. Our experts will evaluate your work and provide you with important advices on technical and financial levels. Moreover, we will support you in building Minimum Viable Products and assessing them through systematic user tests with a total of at least 1,000 users across Europe. If you want to get to know our mentors, click here.

Business network

You join the European web entrepreneurs’ eco-system. We help you optimize your business modelling with a view to further steps with venture capital companies. We strengthen your network by introducing you to venture capital communities and corporate venture activities, and support your participation in relevant events.

State-of-the-Art Technologies

We connect you with the platform and technologies of FIWARE – cutting-edge applications developed at the European level to enable fast and effective web developments. This will allow you to develop completely new content-centric products and services based on state-of-the-art technology. You can also use these innovative technologies to complement and optimize your existing business. The key benefit is the prevention of costly and time-consuming in-house developments.

When to apply?

Results of 1st Open Call

We know the results of EuropeanPioneers Open Call.

First EuropeanPioneers Open Call ended on October 31st 2014. The application round closed with a total of 265 applications from 30 eligible countries out of which only 23 were selected to pitch in front of a jury for the top 12 spots. Winning projects received a total of €2.2 million EU funding.

On December 8th start-up and SMEs started 8-month acceleration programme. Right now they are working on their projects. With the support of experts for digital business and mentors from all acress the Europe they will develop workng applications and offically present them on August 10th 2015, during EuropeanPioneers Final Demo Day.

For news about our acceleration programme and winning projects visit official EuropeanPioneers blog.

You need more information?

You liked our programme? Visit official EuropeanPioneers website.

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or call us: +48 737 444 972

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