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  • you are a team player but you are also able to tackle problems on your own
  • you are organized and deliver your tasks within deadlines
  • you have experience in building web/mobile applications and you find coding relaxing and fulfilling activity

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What do we offer?

  • full-time job in Warsaw
  • office located just 5 minutes from Natolin metro station
  • work in great atmosphere, among people full of energy and cool ideas
  • a chance to exchange experience with other developers RoR/JS/iOS/Android
  • Agile apps development
  • challenging tasks, interesting projects and constant improvement of your skills

Who are we looking for?


We are looking for a ruby developer with experience in building production ready Ruby on Rails web applications.

Our customer is in a phase of dynamic growth and needs enterprise grade solution so there is a need to strengthen the development team and improve application in every aspect.

The main responsibility is to lead the refactoring process that will solve existing architectural problems. This will allow for optimal development of new features with the best tool needed for a problem (so not always Rails but Elixir or Elm/React just to mention some possibilities). Currently app runs on Ruby on Rails v.4.0.8 / Ruby 2.0.0. Team consists of 2-3 ruby developers, 1 frontend developer, scrum master and QA support.

We value following candidate characteristics:
  • experience in problem solving with ruby programming language,
  • knowledge how to decompose problems into subproblems,
  • strategic approach rather than “quick-fix” approach,
  • standard web developers’ tools knowledge: Git, MySQL/Postgres, SQL, OS like Linux/OSX etc.,
  • expert Ruby on Rails knowledge,
  • efficiency in HTML/CSS and browser JS,
  • openess for other programming paradigms like functional programming present in eg. elixir language,
  • utility english knowledge that allows for expressing thoughts in english (daily scrum meetings are in english),
  • true wilingness to be part of the team,
  • non financial/material motivation (see below).
Here are things you can expect when working with us:
  • nice, enjoyable, comfortable work ambience,
  • every day smile on co-workers’ faces,
  • no corporate hierarchy (there is only one formally defined position - CEO; beside this we all are People of Weblify),
  • possibility to express yourself not only in programming but in other aspects of company work,
  • self-reliance in decision making,
  • company is not targeting financial profit, so the approach towards people is not biased with money-only thinking.
Additional information:
  • Work location: remote only, remote/office, office only.
  • Working hours: flexible, but bear in mind that we need your presence (remote or physical) on daily scrums (around 9:45 AM).
  • Salary: money is not the key that should motivate you to work with us, however we can communicate the range, so you know the options: 6000 - 9000 PLN gross amount (net amount in case of b2b contract). If you find the range acceptable and the work description seems interesting, and once we meet you, we feel you are the chosen one, then we are completely positive we can reach financial agreement.
  • Important note: we prefer b2b or contract work.

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