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We are a team of passionate programmers, designers and management people who transform ideas into working mobile and web apps. We focus on user friendly UI, high quality design & development and quick delivery into the market. We use Agile methodologies to make it all happen.

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Once we have specs and graphical designs we can start coding. We use Ruby for our backend (including API) related tasks and React JS for frontend. Ruby on Rails is web framework of our choice and HTML5, CSS3 are our tools for clean and effective web coding. In mobile apps development we use native approach: Objective-C, Xcode for iOS and Java, Android Studio, Eclipse for Android. We keep our attention to high quality results, so automatic tests are always part of our development.


We keep up to date with market trends in each area of our expertise. In terms of UI/UX we strive for simplicity and user friendly solutions. Designers know the rules of each platform they design to, while developers keep up to date with latest technologies. All of that and our 5+ experience in the market make us confident that what we build for you is top class in every aspect.


Building apps is like working with building blocks. It starts with small constructions and expands with needs. That is where we implement Agile methodologies. They help us start quickly, allow fast and constant progress and structure the whole development process. And our customers are always able to follow and react on each intermediate result.

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